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Eye Lash Glue Allergy

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Eyelash extensions give great, longlasting glamour. But about one in twenty clients will develop an allergy to the adhesives used to apply them.

Symptoms of allergic reaction to lash adhesives are mainly swollen, red, sore lids, sometimes with crusting. In some instances, the allergy may only develop after repeated exposure over a period of time.

It is important to return to your beauty salon to have the lashes removed if these symptoms occur and if they persist longer than a few days, then go and see your doctor.

Single eyelash extension adhesives are made from a chemical agent called cyanoacrylate, the fumes of which can be irritating to the sensitive membranes of the eyes, nose and throat.

Adhesive for strip or flare/cluster lashes may contain latex and perfume.

Our advice:

Ask your therapist about the brand of glue that is used in the salon. You may be able to find out what’s in it on the internet. User reviews may say if others have experienced allergies to it. Check that the beauty therapist is properly trained and certified in eyelash extension applications and that the procedure takes place in a well ventilated area. A well-trained technician will be aware of sensitivities and should offer a patch test first. If you have previously been allergic to acrylic, also used in nail enhancements, then simply steer clear of nail extensions Find out more about Eyelid Allergy

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