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Light Therapy for The Midnight Munchies

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Did you know that people with Night Eating Syndrome (NES) consume 25per cent or more of their daily calories after the evening meal and may also wake in the middle of the night for food?

Sound like you? Help is at hand.

Night Eating Syndrome is linked to body clock disturbances and light therapy, using the daylight simulating lamps used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), have been found to reduce the urge of those with NES to binge eat after dark.

In a trial, patients had an hour of early morning light therapy for 13 days. After the therapy, significant reductions were found in night eating symptoms, low mood and sleep disturbance.

The SAD lightboxes prescribed for the “Winter Blues” used to be universally big and cumbersome. But now you can find small and efficient portable lamps that you can take to work and use as you sit at the computer or keep in the kitchen at home.

I particularly recommend the TL30 Brightlight Portable Daylight Lamp. This medically proven product has a superb, slimline design and emits a powerful 10,000 lux of simulated sunlight. 

Thanks to LED technology, this proven product is much smaller than other light boxes, taking up very little space on your desk or table. Use horizontally or vertically immediately after waking to brighten your mood. You should feel the benefit in 10-14 days .

You can also use the TL30 Brightlight Portable Daylight Lamp to reset your inner clock in cases of insomnia, fatigue fatigue or jetlag.

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