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Allergy Information & Product Advice

*The information AllergyBestBuys provides should not be considered medical advice, nor is it intended to replace consultation with a qualified physician* [Allergy Clinics:]( Find an NHS Allergy Clinic in the UK. You need to be referred by your GP ## Allergy Information [Sublingual Immunotherapy](/pages/sublingual-immunotherapy-slit) - what is it and how does it work? [Dust mite allergy and asthma](/pages/house-dust-mite-allergy-and-asthma) - how to avoid this common trigger [Nickel Allergy](/pages/nickel-allergy-how-to-detect-it-how-to-protect-against-it) - how to detect nickel and protect against it [Penicillin allergy](/pages/penicillin-allergy) - 5 things you should know [Red Skin Syndrome](/pages/red-skin-syndrome-topical-steroid-addiction) - (Topical Steroid Addiction) [Water allergy](/pages/aquagenic-urticaria-water-allergy) - Aquagenic urticaria [Elastoplast allergy](/pages/colophony-rosin-allergy) [Types of Eczema](/pages/types-of-eczema) - how to recognise and treat yours [How to tell if your child has eczema](/pages/how-to-tell-if-your-child-has-eczema) [Wet wrapping](/pages/wet-wrapping-how-to-wet-wrap-your-child-with-severe-eczema) - how to wet wrap your child with severe eczema [Low-Nickel Diet for eczema](/pages/low-nickel-diet) - including list of foods with high nickel content [Eczema and Egg Allergy](/pages/eczema-and-egg-allergy) [Eczema and Gluten](/pages/eczema-and-gluten) [Seawater, moisture retention and Skin Barrier repair](/pages/seawater-moisture-retention-and-skin-barrier-repair) [Oatmeal](/pages/oatmeal-research-on-anti-inflammatory-anti-itch-properties) - interesting research on anti-inflammatory properties [Histamine intolerance](/pages/histamine-intolerance-including-list-of-histamine-rich-and-histamine-releasing-foods) - including list of histamine-rich and histamine-releasing foods [Useful notes on Lactose Intolerance](/pages/lactose-intolerance-list-of-foods) - including levels of lactose in food [Soy allergy](/pages/soy-allergy-and-list-of-foods-containing-soy) - including list of soy products to avoid [Peanut allergy](/pages/peanut-allergy-advice) [The Anti-Inflammatory Diet](/pages/the-anti-Inflammatory-diet) [Vaccines and Egg Allergy](/pages/vaccines-and-egg-allergy) - useful information [Sunscreen Allergy](/pages/sunscreen-allergy) - which to use, which to avoid [Lip allergy](/pages/lip-allergy-allergic-contact-cheilitis) (Allergic Contact Cheilitis) [Eyelid allergy](/pages/eyelid-eczema-eye-allergy) [Food Reactions and Asthma](/pages/food-reactions-and-asthma) - what to avoid [Alcohol Allergy](/pages/alcohol-allergy) - could you be allergic to alcoholic drinks? [Balsam of Peru](/pages/balsam-of-peru-where-to-find-it) - where to find it, how to spot it [Colophony (rosin) Allergy](/pages/colophony-rosin-allergy) - commonly sticking plaster (Elastoplast ) allergy [Negative Ions]( - The Top Ten benefits for your health More allergy info and advice [here](/pages/advice) **Product Instructions:** Download Instructions for [Sea-Med Organic Seaweed Powder]( Instructions for carrrying out a Home Allergy Test