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Allergy Information & Product Advice

The information AllergyBestBuys provides should not be considered medical advice, nor is it intended to replace consultation with a qualified physician

Allergy Clinics: Find an NHS Allergy Clinic in the UK. You need to be referred by your GP

Allergy Information

Sublingual Immunotherapy - what is it and how does it work?

Dust mite allergy and asthma - how to avoid this common trigger

Nickel Allergy - how to detect nickel and protect against it

Penicillin allergy - 5 things you should know

Red Skin Syndrome - (Topical Steroid Addiction)

Water allergy - Aquagenic urticaria

Elastoplast allergy

Types of Eczema - how to recognise and treat yours

How to tell if your child has eczema

Wet wrapping - how to wet wrap your child with severe eczema

Low-Nickel Diet for eczema - including list of foods with high nickel content

Eczema and Egg Allergy

Eczema and Gluten

Seawater, moisture retention and Skin Barrier repair

Oatmeal - interesting research on anti-inflammatory properties

Histamine intolerance - including list of histamine-rich and histamine-releasing foods

Useful notes on Lactose Intolerance - including levels of lactose in food

Soy allergy - including list of soy products to avoid

Peanut allergy

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Vaccines and Egg Allergy - useful information

Sunscreen Allergy - which to use, which to avoid

Lip allergy (Allergic Contact Cheilitis)

Eyelid allergy

Food Reactions and Asthma - what to avoid

Alcohol Allergy - could you be allergic to alcoholic drinks?

Balsam of Peru - where to find it, how to spot it

Colophony (rosin) Allergy - commonly sticking plaster (Elastoplast ) allergy

More allergy info and advice here

Product Instructions:

Download Instructions for Sea-Med Organic Seaweed Powder

Instructions for carrrying out a Home Allergy Test

Instructions for the Homeopathic Hayfever Desensitisation Programme

Instructions for the Homeopathic Cat Allergy Desensitisation Drops

How to replace the Ceramet filter medium in your SuperWater Wholehouse Water Filter & Softener