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Allergy Testing - Knowledge is Power

Posted by Marianne Wilson on

If you’re someone with allergies you are probably well aware of the uncomfortable and distressing range of respiratory and eczematic symptoms you can suffer with. You may also be familiar with the severe digestive symptoms associated with food allergy.

In some cases, antihistamine tablets, nasal sprays, eye drops, nose balms, inhalers and EpiPens from your GP or pharmacist may provide relief. As the author is all too well aware, they do not always help, and when they do, they rarely take away 100% of the symptoms.

No doubt about it, symptom avoidance is definitely preferable where possible. That’s where knowledge is power. If you KNOW what your allergy triggers are you are you can take appropriate steps to avoid or minimise them.

The Allergy Best Buys team are delighted to introduce the World Leading ALEX 2 Allergy Test to our range, giving you access to the same comprehensive test that your doctor, consultant allergist or immunotherapist would use. It tests for nearly 300 allergens, covering all common allergens including dust mites, cat & dog fur, pollens and nuts, plus allergens you may not have thought of, such as moulds, venoms and insects.

Then Alex 2 Allergy Test is based on a simple blood test. Take your blood sample at home and send it off to the lab. This is the Gold Standard in allergy testing: the broadest scope IgE-based allergy test available.

How does the test work? Your blood sample will be tested for immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibody (a marker of possible allergy) to a range of triggers (allergens) that you may be well advised to avoid.

After placing your order you will receive a blood collection kit plus detailed instructions. Follow the instructions carefully and return your sample direct to the lab using the prepaid envelope. You will receive your detailed test report by email from Allergy Best Buys within two weeks of posting your sample.

Your results will show you what your triggers are and whether your allergic response to each one is low, moderate, high or very high. This provides excellent information to help you avoid your triggers, and so help yourself to a safer, healthier and more comfortable future. It may be helpful to share your results with your GP or Allergy Consultant.

To give you an idea how it works, my own results showed very high reactions to Hazel, Birch Alder, Beech, Soy, Dogs and Dust Mites. Sensible avoidance measures in my case are:

I hope this gives you the information you need to decide whether taking the World Leading ALEX 2 Allergy Test could give you the powerful knowledge you need to be able to help yourself to fewer and less serious allergy symptoms.

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