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The unwelcome side effects of fermented foods

Posted by Janet Rhodes on

Sourdough, kombucha, kefir, who hasn't been tempted to include these latest wonder foods in their diet ? Popular with the health-conscious, these fermented foods offer to boost the trillions of bacteria that live in the human gut and, we're told, provide probiotic benefits to our digestion.

However, although they're terribly trendy right now, microbiologist Dr Manal Mohammad, of the University of Westminster, warns that certain fermented products can cause bloating, headaches and allergies for some of us. 

AllergyBestBuys customers who rely on DAOSiN to solve their histamine intolerance should be wary of introducing sauerkraut or tempeh or any of the other currently fashionable fermented foods into their diet as they are either rich in histamine or because yeast or mould is involved in the fermentation process. This can lead to symptoms including stomach cramps, diarrhoea and bloating.

  • For more information about histamine intolerance and a list of foods to avoid, click here.

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