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Make Money from Your Website - Join the Allergy Best Buys Affiliate Program

Who are Allergy Best Buys?

Allergy Best Buys are one of the leading allergy solutions websites in the UK. In the main we specialise with Asthma and Airborne Allergies, Eczema, Sensitive Skin and Contact Allergies such as Latex and Nickel Allergy.

What Do We Sell?

Our product range is broad. Our site features: -

  • Dustmite proof bedding covers to our exclusive design
  • Anti-allergy bedding such as duvets, pillows and linens
  • Some excellent water filters which remove chlorine and impurities
  • An effective range of masks to help Asthma an Hayfever sufferers
  • A great range of gloves and clothing for Eczema and other conditions

Will My Site Be Selected?

Very probably yes as long as there is no controversial content however evidently we would be especially interested in sites which feature allergy information.

That said it appears that current results are showing that different types of affiliate sites convert well.

How Do I Sign Up?

Our affiliate programme is run for us by Affiliate Future. To sign up up just follow this link. You will find banners and further information there.