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Will an air purifier protect against Coronavirus?

Posted by Janet Rhodes on

Coronavirus, also known as 2019-nCoV  is part of a family of viruses (including SARS and MERS) known to cause disease in humans. The infection can be similar to the common flu or present itself as a more serious illness, such as pneumonia.

The recent outbreak in China has caused severe lung disease in hundreds of people. The virus has now been confirmed in more countries in Asia, North America, and more recently in Europe.

A number of customers have asked which air purifier can help to protect against the virus.

Purifying the air you breathe indoors is not a guarantee against contamination. However as a complementary precaution to keep a low level of microorganisms in indoor environments, there is one air purifier we recommend as it has been certified to kill viruses.

The Airfree Air Steriliser doesn't simply filter out airborne viruses, germs and bacteria, it completely and silently destroys them, eliminating viruses by heat. The patented ceramic core inside the Airfree is heated to 180-200ºC. This incinerates and denatures any virus or microorganism that passes through it. Think of it as "boiling" the air to sterilise it. The smaller the microorganism the easier it is to burn and destroy, including influenza, SARS, MERS and Coronavirus. 



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