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How much moisturiser should I use?

Posted by Janet Rhodes on

We may be heading for Spring - and what a joy it is to see the daffs and crocuses - but we're still getting cold March winds and the odd late frost. Coupled with central heating indoors, these lead to dry, itchy skin for many of us.

The answer is to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. And it seems we simply don't use enough of the stuff to make a real difference.

The National Eczema Society recommends  you should use 250-500g of emollient cream every week to keep eczema symptoms at bay. But who weighs out their emollient for heaven's sake?

One suggestion is to see how many spoonfuls of your emollient weighs a gramme when scooped from a jar or tub. But if your chosen emollient comes in a tube, try measuring a squirt in inches or centimetres then weighing it to see how much you need.

These are the recommended amounts you should be applying every day:

  • Scalp - 3.5-7g per day
  • Trunk - 38g per day
  • Both hands - 2-4 g per day
  • Face - 1-2g per day
  • Both arms or legs - 28g per day
  • Groin and genitalia - 1-2g per day

Syrinxza Natural EmillientBig tubs of inexpensive emollient are usually prescribed by your doctor or can be bought over the counter at the chemist. But I'd also urge you to try SyrinxZa Natural Emollient Eczema Cream, one of the most effective eczema solutions we sell. It's really gentle, so is particularly suitable for your face, ears, neck and other sensitive areas, reducing redness, itchiness and inflammation.

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