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Elle Fanning's No-Makeup Selfie Shows off Her Eczema

Posted by Janet Rhodes on

Eyelid eczema
We still get taken in by photos of the apparently flawless faces of celebrities and influencers posted on social media even though we know that careful editing and face filters have been used to create the illusion of perfect skin. It's particularly hard for anyone with a real skin problem like eczema, acne or rosacea. So the latest  Instagram post from Elle Fanning is truly honest and refreshing. The 22-year old actor has not only posted a makeup-free selfie but shows her embracing the eczema on her eyelids as though it were a shade of eyeshadow. 

The comment section of the post is flooded with people approving her bravery, saying they felt “seen” by the photos. Some commenters shared that they have the same problem of eczema popping up only on the eyelid area. Others thanked Fanning for being raw and real on an app that sometimes celebrates fakery. “Thank you for not using like a dozen filters, it's so nice seeing real normal skin texture on this app and it makes me feel good about myself,” wrote one. 

Anyone with eczema knows how annoying and uncomfortable it can be, and I love that Elle is being real and positive about hers. 

We need more of this on social media.


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