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Coronavirus - Frequent Handwashing and dry skin

Posted by Janet Rhodes on

We’re told that frequent handwashing with soap and water or using sanitising hand gels is the way to protect against the coronavirus Covid-19. But you may find that constant handwashing or alcohol-based sanitising hand gels can lead to really dry skin or even cracked hands and fingers.

Nurses, hairdressers, mechanics, gardeners, decorators, chefs, cashiers and others whose hands are frequently in water swear by a shielding lotion called Gloves in a Bottle to moisturise and protect them.

Gloves in a Bottle hand lotion

 It prevents oil and moisture loss associated with frequent hand washing and doesn’t inhibit the effects of sanitisers, which is why it ‘s so popular with nurses. 

Best of all though, unlike other hand creams, Gloves in a Bottle doesn’t wash off. Just one pea-sized drop stays on for four hours, through multiple hand washes and repetitive hand sanitiser use with no need to reapply. Genius!




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