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Allergic to dogs? Neutering your male dog or getting a bitch may help

Posted by Janet Rhodes on

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Researchers have discovered that many of those with Dog Allergy may only be allergic to male dogs.

The most well-known allergen components that cause dog allergy are Can f1 , Can f2 and Can f3 all of which are present in dog hair and dander.

But research has identified a specific protein, Can f5, as a major allergen made in the prostate of male dogs. The study, published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice, revealed that up to 30% of people who are allergic to dogs are actually allergic to this one specific allergen.

A blood test to discover if you’re allergic to only Can f5 was approved in the US last May. Until it is more widely available, if you’re allergic to dogs it may be worth seeing if you can tolerate a female or a neutered dog. 

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