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How to tell if your child has eczema

Did you know that 90 per cent of eczema develops in children before they turn five? Here’s a guide to the signs that that can help you identify if your child might be among them.

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Generally, eczema begins with very dry and itchy skin which your child will inevitably scratch to ease the discomfort. This is usually followed by a red rash with small, rough bumps. The affected area becomes inflamed and more irritated once your child starts scratching. The skin can then become scaly, can weep and become crusty.

Eczema symptoms are different in babies and children.

Classic signs

0-6 months: According to the National Eczema Association in the US, eczema can appear on the face, chin, cheeks, forehead and scalp. The rash usually excludes the nappy area.

6-12 months: Look out for a rash on your baby’s elbows and knees. These areas are easy to scratch and rub when your infant is crawling.

2-5 years: Eczema tends to appear on ankles, wrists and hands. Sometimes it appears around the mouth and eyelids. The skin may begin to look scaly and dry.

5 years and over: Check for a rash appearing in the folds of knees and elbows. Also look out for red and itchy patches behind the ears, on the scalp or feet.