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Browse our recommended anti-allergy duvets and mattress toppers filled with silk, wool, bamboo or synthetics.

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  • Fossflakes Temperature-Regulating Duvet

    Like air-conditioning for your bed, keeping you cool and calm

    From: £99.95
  • Pure & Care 100% Natural Duvets for Allergies

    From: £179.95
  • SilkWash SuperCool Duvet

    Cool, lightweight, silk-filled duvets you can wash

    From: £107.95
  • Hypoallergenic Down & Feather Duvet

    At last! A dustmite proof natural-fill duvet for allergies

    From: £149.95
  • Natural Wool-filled Duvet

    From: £114.00 £112.95
  • Spundown Anti-Allergy Washable Duvet 10.5 tog

    From: £42.50
  • Allergy Friendly Bamboo Duvets and Mattress Toppers

    Blissful Bamboo Duvets and Toppers

    From: £99.95
  • Natural Wool Filled Mattress Topper

    Anti-allergy Wool Mattress Topper for a Comfortable and Refreshing Night's Sleep.

    From: £100.00
  • Dustmite Killing Electric Blanket

    For a Warm, Comfy, Dustmite free bed. Available VAT free.

    From: £54.99 £49.95