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Child's Anti-allergy Duvet

Child's Anti-allergy Duvet

Child's Anti-allergy Duvet

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A duvet specially made for children with asthma, eczema or other allergies triggered by dustmites

Ensure that your child sleeps as peacefully and comfortably as possible with our light, washable 4.0 Tog duvet. This superbly soft duvet is filled with sumptuous Smartfil® polyester microfibre, encased in a beautifully soft touch polyester cover. Wash in your machine at home at a dustmite-busting 60°C.

Designed to keep your child warm at night without overheating. Add breathable cotton cellular blankets to your child's bed for chilly nights.

Take a look! We've combined this anti-allergy duvet with an excellent children's soft support pillow to make a real value for money bedset

Add a Waterproof dustmite proof waterproof cover for your child's mattress. Choose either elasticated or fully enclosed to protect against dustmites and little 'accidents'.