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Fox, World Leading Food Sensitivity Test

Fox, World Leading Food Sensitivity Test

Fox, World Leading Food Sensitivity Test

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The world leading Fox Food Sensitivity Test tests for 286 food antigens from 13 different food groups, including types of milk, nuts, spices, beverages and novel foods such as wakame.

Based on a simple blood test, this is the Gold Standard in food sensitivity testing, used by leading dieticians and healthcare consultants internationally.

How does a food sensitivity differ from a food allergy? Food Sensitivity is a reaction to a food without an immunologically based trigger. Whilst this may appear to diminish the importance of identification of this form of reaction, it does not, because whilst the onset of reaction to food may not be immediate, the chronic long term consequences of living with a food sensitivity can be distressing, uncomfortable and debilitating. Sufferers report a wide range of symptoms including digestive pain, low mood, fatigue and dermatological issues.

How does the test work? Your blood sample will be tested for antibodies (a marker of possible food sensitivity) to a range of triggers (foods) that a health professional may consider you need to temporarily or permanently avoid eating. Your consultant/healthcare professional can comment on the results that are important for you and will tell you how these food sensitivities can be avoided and managed. Before starting a diet based on FOX results, it is mandatory to evaluate the results with a physician or a dietician (to avoid deficiencies).

How do I proceed? After placing your order you will receive a blood collection kit plus detailed instructions to read and follow. Follow the instructions carefully and return your sample direct to the lab using the prepaid envelope. You will receive your detailed test report by email from Allergy Best Buys within two weeks of posting your sample to the lab.

What will my results tell me? Your results will show you what your triggers are and whether your reaction to each one is low, intermediate or highly elevated. It also suggests how trigger foods can be substituted. This provides excellent information to assist your healthcare professional in advising you on safely avoiding your triggers while avoiding deficiencies, and so helps you to a healthier future.

Your blood collection kit will contain:

  • a detailed information leaflet
  • two one-time-use safety lancets (tool you will need to prick the skin)
  • a blood collection tube (labelled with the identification code assigned to you/your child)
  • one transport mailer
  • two alcohol swabs
  • two plasters
  • a prepaid return envelope

This test is suitable for adults and children. For hygiene reasons this is a non-returnable item.