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Spundown Washable Anti-Allergy Pillow

Spundown Washable Anti-Allergy Pillow

Spundown Washable Anti-Allergy Pillow

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The Anti-allergy Pillow That Loves to be Washed

You can keep your pillows completely free of dustmites and their allergen if you can wash them regularly at 60°. At this temperature the microscopic dustmites are killed and, more importantly, their even tinier allergen is also completely destroyed.

  • washable at 60° to destroy allergens
  • fit into any domestic washing machine
  • cotton blend cover

Some pillows say you can wash them, usually at 40°, but although this may drown the dustmites it won’t remove the dustmite allergen.

Other pillows claim they can be washed at 60° but not how often. The problem here is that anyone with asthma, eczema or dustmite allergy needs to wash their pillows at least once a month and most pillows become misshapen and lumpy when washed as frequently as this.

These new washable firm-support Spundown Anti-allergy Pillows with advanced Smartfil® highly compressible fibre balls are the answer. Not only will they fit into any home washing machine but they can be washed 50 times at 60° without losing shape or comfort destroying allergens in the process. They can be washed at home, tumble-dried and be back on the bed, plump and fresh, the same day.

Size: 74x48