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Spundown Washable Anti-Allergy Pillow

Spundown Washable Anti-Allergy Pillow

Spundown Washable Anti-Allergy Pillow

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The Anti-allergy Pillow That Loves to be Washed. Select Medium Feel, or Firm Feel for side sleepers. Buy in Pairs and Save!

You can keep your pillows free of dust mites and their allergen if you wash them regularly at 60°. At this temperature the microscopic dust mites are killed and, more importantly, their even tinier allergen is completely destroyed.

  • washable at 60° to destroy allergens
  • fit into any domestic washing machine
  • 100% cotton cover

Some pillows say you can wash them, usually at 40°, but although this may wash away some dust mites it won’t destroy dust mite eggs or allergen.

Other pillows claim they can be washed at 60° but don't state how often. The problem here is that anyone with asthma, eczema or dust mite allergy needs to wash their pillows at least once a month and most pillows become misshapen and lumpy when washed as frequently as this.

These washable medium or firm support Spundown Anti-allergy Pillows with advanced Smartfil® highly compressible fibre balls are the answer. Not only will they fit into any home washing machine but they can be washed 50 times at 60° without losing shape or comfort, destroying allergens in the process. They can be washed at home, tumble-dried and be back on the bed, plump and fresh, the same day.

Select Medium feel or Firm Feel according to your own personal preference. Many side sleepers prefer a firmer pillow for comfortable neck support. 

Size: 74x48cm