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QMask Pro MicroAirScreen Mask

QMask Pro MicroAirScreen Mask

QMask Pro MicroAirScreen Mask

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More comfortable than disposable masks and very easy to breathe through.

The QMask Pro is an updated version of the original QMask, recommended by Dr Chris Steele on ITV's This Morning. 

Wear this comfortable re-usable mask with MicroAirScreen® filtration either indoors or out to protect against inhaled allergens. Its special medical grade micro monofilament material has precision micropore openings which keep out airborne particles, dust, dirt, pollen, mould spores and pet allergens.

The MicroAirScreen® material, unlike cotton or silk which entrap and hold pollen and particles, remains efficient as it does not clog up and lose filtration.

QMask Pro MicroAirScreen® masks are ideal when mowing grass, raking leaves, dusting & cleaning, doing masonry or building work or grooming your pet. They are comfortable and washable.

  • light and comfortable to wear
  • high respiration air flow for natural easy breathing
  • uniquely designed stretch pleats pop mask away from mouth
  • easy to talk through, no vapour build-up
  • soft touch, non-latex elastic trim with ear loops
  • adjusts to fit closely and comfortably from nose to chin
  • no filters to replace
  • simply wash with mild soap and re-use over and over
  • quick-drying
  • handy zip-loc bag for hygienic storage
  • Also available in White

This is a non-returnable item due to hygiene reasons.

  • Medium fits most women, plus children over 8 years old.
  • Large fits most men.

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