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HomeCleanse™ Natural anti-Dustmite Spray

HomeCleanse™ Natural anti-Dustmite Spray

An amazing product, clears the air of allergens. Could hardly believe it! Would highly recommend to people with pet/dust mite allergy."
Julie Capaldi, Petersfield.

"A superb, natural item. Pleasant light scent. All natural. Should be compulsory! Easy to use. All owners of accommodation as well as home owners should use it". Mrs H D Wilson

HomeCleanse™ Natural anti-Dustmite Spray

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Natural anti-Dustmite Spray, only £10.95 each when you buy two.

A quick spritz with HomeCleanse™ will reduce the allergens in your furnishing and bedding by 74%

Spray mattresses, bedding and upholstered furniture etc once a month - or once a week if there are animals in the house. For pet allergies, spray your pet's bedding once a week.

  • neutralises dustmite and pet allergen simply and efficiently
  • no harmful chemicals or pesticides
  • all-natural active ingredients: oil of eucalyptus, Ylang ylang, quarternium salts
  • non-toxic - safe for homes with children and animals
  • recommended for homes where there is asthma, dustmite, pet or pollen allergy

250ml pump action spray

"TRY THIS" says the Daily Mail "Good Health" 19th Feb 2018, "to treat sofas, mattresses and soft furnishings and kill off dustmites".