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ALEX 2 World Leading Allergy Test

ALEX 2 World Leading Allergy Test

ALEX 2 World Leading Allergy Test

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What are your triggers? Knowing what you react to can help you avoid the causes of your allergies.

The world leading ALEX 2 Allergy Test tests for nearly 300 allergens, covering all common allergens including dust mites, cat & dog fur, pollens and nuts, plus allergens you may not have thought of, such as moulds, venoms and insects.

Based on a simple blood test, this is the Gold Standard in allergy testing, used by leading immunologists. The comprehensive ALEX 2 is an allergy blood test for 117 allergen extracts and 178 molecular allergens. This makes it the broadest scope IgE-based allergy test available.

Allergic responses typically result in respiratory, eczematic or painful digestive symptoms. Alex 2 test results provide crucial information to help you avoid the allergens you react to, and so help you to avoid your allergy symptoms.

How does the test work? Your blood sample will be tested for immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibody (a marker of possible allergy) to a range of triggers (allergens) that you may be well advised to avoid.

How do I proceed? After placing your order you will receive a blood collection kit plus detailed instructions to read and follow. Follow the instructions carefully and return your sample direct to the lab using the prepaid envelope. You will receive your detailed test report by email from Allergy Best Buys within two weeks of posting your sample to the lab.

What will my results tell me? Your results will show you what your triggers are and whether your allergic response to each one is low, moderate, high or very high. This provides excellent information to help you avoid your triggers, and so help yourself to a healthier future. It may be helpful to share your results with your GP

Your blood collection kit will contain:

  • a detailed information leaflet
  • two one-time-use safety lancets (tool you will need to prick the skin)
  • a blood collection tube (labelled with the identification code assigned to you/your child)
  • one transport mailer
  • two alcohol swabs
  • two plasters
  • a prepaid return envelope

This test is suitable for adults and children. For hygiene reasons this is a non-returnable item.