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Nut-free Marzipan

Covers one 8” cake


5oz (140g) semolina

5oz (140g) icing sugar, sifted

2 tsps custard powder (eg Birds)

1 egg white OR 1 tsp Egg Replacer OR 2 tblsps Aquafaba

2 tsps almond essence or vanilla essence or orange flower water

Mix the semolina with the icing sugar and custard powder. Add a teaspoon of Egg Replacer or lightly beat the egg white and mix into the dry ingredients along with the flavouring until you get a firm paste.

Dust the work surface and rolling pin with sifted icing sugar and roll out.

Tester’s Tips:

1 Almond essence is made using artificial flavourings and does not contain nuts. (But check the label to make absolutely sure).

Almond extract is a pure, natural product made from the oil of bitter almonds and should not be used if you’re avoiding nuts.

2 Wrap and store unrolled Nut-free Marzipan in clingfilm to prevent it drying out until ready to use.