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The information AllergyBestBuys provides should not be considered medical advice, nor is it intended to replace consultation with a qualified physician

Allergy Clinics: Find an NHS Allergy Clinic in the UK. You need to be referred by your GP

Allergy Information

Sublingual Immunotherapy - what is it and how does it work?

Bite/Sting Allergy

Nickel Allergy - how to detect nickel and protect against it

Wet wrapping - how to wet wrap your child with severe eczema

Types of Eczema - how to recognise and treat yours

Low-Nickel Diet for eczema - including list of foods with high nickel content

Eczema and Egg Allergy

Eczema and Gluten

Seawater, moisture retention and Skin Barrier repair

Oatmeal - interesting research on anti-inflammatory properties

Histamine intolerance - including list of histamine-rich and histamine-releasing foods

Useful notes on Lactose Intolerance - including levels of lactose in food

Soy allergy - including list of soy products to avoid

Peanut allergy

Vaccines and Egg Allergy - useful information

Oral Allergy SyndromeCross reactions to certain fruits and vegetables by those with hayfever

Sunscreen Allergy - which to use, which to avoid

Lip allergy (Allergic Contact Cheilitis)

Food Reactions and Asthma - what to avoid

Alcohol Allergy - could you be allergic to alcoholic drinks?

Balsam of Peru - where to find it, how to spot it

Colophony (rosin) Allergy - commonly sticking plaster (Elastoplast ) allergy

Water allergy

Light therapy for SAD

Product Instructions:

Instructions for Sea-Med Organic Seaweed Therapy for the Skin

Instructions for carrying out a Home Allergy Test

Instructions for the Homeopathic Hayfever Desensitisation Programme