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Dechlorinator for Bath & Basin

Dechlorinator for Bath & Basin

Dechlorinator for Bath & Basin

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Dechlorinates your Bath and Basin for up to 3 years!

No more chlorine in the bath or wash basin.

Pop this submersible dechlorinator in the bath, baby bath or basin and chlorine and chloramines are removed from the water in a trice.

An excellent choice if you love to take a long relaxing soak in the bath but are chlorine intolerant, have ezcema or dry, sensitive skin or if your asthma is triggered by chlorine fumes.

Simply place the Dechlorinator in the empty bath, baby bath or basin and run the water. Removes 99% of chlorine in minutes and works in any temperature water. Contains NSF-approved Ceramet ™, the amazing new ceramic filter material.

  • no refills or filters to buy or replace
  • creates healthy, remineralised, oxygenated, alkaline water
  • a first-rate natural remedy for eczema, dry or sensitive skin
  • recommended for seborrhoic eczema, dry flaky scalp conditions and psoriasis
  • recommended for chlorine and chemical sensitivity and fume-induced asthma and respiratory problems
  • can make a noticeable difference to your skin and hair
  • reduces scum and scale
  • prevents bacterial growth including e.coli and pseudomonas
  • removes chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, bio-film, THMs* and PCBs **
  • measures just 185mm x 35mm
  • designed and manufactured in England
  • approved by the National Sanitary Foundation

*TriHaloMethanes, a form of chemical & gas released by chlorine and certain detergents coming together

**PolyChlorinated Biphenols, a contaminant by-product of plastics