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Child's Soft Support Anti-allergy Pillow

Child's Soft Support Anti-allergy Pillow

Child's Soft Support Anti-allergy Pillow

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This super soft, anti-allergy pillow is perfect for little heads and necks, and for adults who prefer a softer pillow.

This 300 thread count percale quilted pillow is naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic due to its 60% organically grown bamboo cover. Bamboo also helps regulate your child's body temperature to assist in preventing them from overheating.

  • fits into any domestic washing machine
  • 60% bamboo / 40% cotton cover
  • OEKO-TEX 100 certified free of harmful substances
  • a truly comfortable pillow
  • suitable for adults too
  • filled with hygienic microfibre
  • Size 70 x 45cm
  • bounces back into shape when washed 

Can be machine washed at home with your regular laundry detergent and tumble-dried. Add Fabricleanse to each wash for added protection against dust mites and their allergen.

Take a look! We've combined this anti-allergy pillow with an excellent children's duvet to make a real value for money bedset

The pillow label recommends washing at 40° but the manufacturer is confident that the pillow is suitable for washing at temperatures ranging from 30°to 60°. We test washed this pillow at 60° with no adverse effects and we recommending washing at 60° to destroy and denature allergens. 

In our opinion this is the most luxurious soft support, anti-allergy pillow you can buy for your child. It's underfilled to just the right level to support little heads and necks, but also perfect for adults who prefer a soft support pillow.