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AirCleanse™ Allergy Spray

AirCleanse™ Allergy Spray

AirCleanse™ Allergy Spray

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Clear the air of pollen, pet and dustmite allergens with a weekly spray of natural AirCleanse. Only £10.95 each when you buy two!

  • captures and destroys mould spores, pollen, pet and dustmite allergen
  • no harmful chemicals or pesticides
  • natural active ingredients: Ylang ylang, essential oil of eucalyptus, quarternium salts

A quick spritz around the room will reduce the airborne allergen load by at least 75%.

For dustmite and pet allergy, simply spray the air with AirCleanse twice a week for 3 weeks then once a week after that except in the pollen season when you need to spray once a day. To control the growth of mould, give one spray per cubic metre twice a day.

Tests show that the average reduction in airborne allergens is 86% and the minimum is 75%. This can make a significant difference to anyone who reacts to pollen, mould, dustmite or pet allergens.

Tester's Tip: If you use AirCleanse with PetalCleanse lotion on your pet you'll reduce the airborne allergen load by up to 85%. This AirCleanse/PetalCleanse combo is one of the most effective treatments for Pet Allergy we can recommend.

250ml trigger spray