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Anti-allergy products at bargain prices. Sometimes we buy too much of an anti-allergy product and have to sell them off. Our loss your gain!

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  • Aeramax™ DX95 Air Purifier

    One remaining. Allergy UK approved. For rooms up to 28m².

    £249.99 £185.95
  • Unscented 24 Hour Cream for Sensitive Skin

    No Hidden Ingredients in this Superb Day & Night Anti-ageing Moisturiser

    From: £17.50 £13.95
  • Organic Bamboo Leggings

    Supersoft for sensitive skin

    From: £21.95 £18.95
  • Dustmite Killing Electric Blanket

    For a Warm, Comfy, Dustmite free bed. Available VAT free.

    From: £54.99 £49.95
  • Polti Vaporetto Classic 65 Steam Cleaner

    One remaining. An excellent all-round steam cleaner. Allergy UK approved

    £199.99 £179.95
  • Eco-Ball Wash Balls

    The No-Chemical Alternative to Washing Powder

    From: £14.99 £9.99
  • Energy Saving Daylight BioBulbs

    Bring the daylight inside!

    From: £11.95 £9.95
  • Automate™ Ionic Air Purifier for the car

    Car Air Purifier

    £69.95 £49.95
  • Organic Bamboo Briefs

    Blissfully Comfy Underwear

    From: £8.95 £7.95
  • Unscented Natural Shaving Soap

    With nothing to irritate sensitive skin and gives a close shave too!

    From: £6.95 £5.95
  • Medivac Tool Bag dark green

    A Convenient Way to Store Your Medivac Accessories

    £12.99 £8.95
  • Polti Cimex Eradicator - Powerful Steam Disinfector

    Powerful Steam Sanitiser Eradicates Dustmites & Bedbugs

    £599.00 £549.00
  • Polti Vaporetto Eco Pro 3000 Anti Allergy Steam Cleaner

    A powerful dry steam cleaner with Allergy-UK Seal of Approval

    £329.99 £288.00
  • The Damp Killer

    The Simple Solution to Damp Spaces

    From: £25.00 £14.95