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We offer fully tested vacuum cleaners and allergen-destroying steam cleaners. Exclusive to Allergy Best Buys, Medivac vacuum cleaners are guaranteed not to disperse allergens back into the air. Both Medivac models are available free of VAT if you have a condition made worse by exposure to house dust mites. Here you'll also find fragrance-free laundry solutions and innovative home-cleansing products.

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  • Medivac Mattress/Upholstery Nozzle and Brush

    Perfect for beds and sofas

  • Medivac Pet Hair Grabber

    Removes fluff, threads, pet hairs

  • AllerVac H13 Vacuum Cleaner

    Outstanding filtration of 99.995% at 0.3 micron

    Out of stock
  • Medivac Mini Tool Kit

    Perfect For Precision Vacuum Cleaning

  • Medivac Tool Caddy

    A neat way to store your favourite tools

  • Medivac Crevice Nozzle

    One of the tools you'll use the most

  • Medivac Dusting Brush

    An essential tool for your Medivac

  • AllerVac Microfilter Vacuum Cleaner

    Hospital standard anti-allergy cleaning power for asthma and allergies

    Out of stock
  • Kalstop Descaler for Polti Steam Cleaners

    Essential Descaler for Steam Cleaners

    £9.99 £9.95
  • Polti Vaporetto Classic 65 Steam Cleaner

    One remaining. An excellent all-round steam cleaner. Allergy UK approved

    £199.99 £179.95
  • Steam Cleaner Accessories for Polti Cimex Eradicator

    Converts a Polti Eradicator into a sanitizing Steam Cleaner

    £119.99 £99.95
  • Medivac Turbo Carpet Brush Mk3

    Extra Cleaning Power for the Medivac Compact

    £46.95 £39.95
  • Medivac Fleece Dustbags Pack of 10

    Improved Dustbags for Medivac Anti Allergy Vacuum Cleaners

  • Medivac Fleece Dustbags 3 for 2

    BUY 2 packs - GET 1 FREE! Improved Dustbags for Medivac Anti Allergy Vacuum Cleaners

  • STAR BUY! SAVE on AirCleanse, FabriCleanse and HomeCleanse

    Three Great Products for an Allergy Free Home

    £38.99 £35.99
  • HomeCleanse™ Natural anti-Dustmite Spray

    Reduce the allergens in your furnishing and bedding by 74%**

  • FabriCleanse™ anti-dustmite Laundry Additive

    Wash away dustmites and allergens from your laundry!

    £13.99 £13.95
  • AirCleanse™ Allergy Spray

    Clear the air of pollen, pet and dustmite allergens with a weekly spray of natural AirCleanse

  • Violet's Unscented Laundry Liquid

    Amazing value hypoallergenic laundry liquid

    From: £7.95
  • Violet's 100% Natural UNSCENTED Laundry Powder

    Ideal for Eczema, Psoriasis, Allergies, Chemical Sensitivity

    From: £16.95
  • Eco-Ball Wash Balls

    The No-Chemical Alternative to Washing Powder

    From: £14.99 £9.99
  • Polti Vaporetto Eco Pro 3000 Anti Allergy Steam Cleaner

    A powerful dry steam cleaner with Allergy-UK Seal of Approval

    £329.99 £288.00
  • Polti Cimex Eradicator - Powerful Steam Disinfector

    Powerful Steam Sanitiser Eradicates Dustmites & Bedbugs

    £599.00 £549.00
  • Polti 2 large cloths & 3 sockettes

    Accessories for Polti Edition

    £29.95 £24.95
  • Medivac stainless steel tube - curved or straight

    Curved or straight stainless steel tube

    From: £11.99 £11.95
  • Medivac Telescopic extension tube in stainless steel

    Vacuum at a comfortable height

  • Medivac Low Friction Multi-Surface Floor Brush

    For carpets, rugs and hard floors

  • Medivac Double Taper Adaptor

    Join hoses, tubes and smaller tools

  • Medivac Radiator Brush

    Fits standard Medivac crevice nozzle

    £6.99 £5.95
  • Medivac Standard 2.4m Hose

    A Replacement Hose for Your Medivac Vacuum Cleaner

    Out of stock
  • Medivac Long reach flexible crevice nozzle

    Great for cleaning inaccessible areas

    £15.99 £15.95
  • Medivac Hard Floor Brush

    A must-have accessory for your Medivac

    £24.46 £20.95
    Out of stock
  • Medivac Favourite Tools set

    3 bestselling accessories and holder for your Medivac machine

  • Medivac Tool Bag dark green

    A Convenient Way to Store Your Medivac Accessories

    £12.99 £8.95