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STAR BUY! SAVE on AirCleanse, FabriCleanse and HomeCleanse

STAR BUY!  SAVE on AirCleanse, FabriCleanse and HomeCleanse

STAR BUY! SAVE on AirCleanse, FabriCleanse and HomeCleanse

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Clear your home of pollen, pet and dustmite allergens with three natural sprays.

AirCleanse for airborne allergens in the room FabriCleanse laundry additive for allergens in your clothes and bedlinen HomeCleanse for allergens in sofas, mattresses, pet bedding

  • captures and destroys mould spores, pollen, pet and dustmite allergen
  • no harmful chemicals or pesticides

Buy AirCleanse, FabriCleanse & HomeCleanse together. SAVE £2.90!

AirCleanse clears the air in your home of harmful airborne allergens

A quick spray around the room will reduce the airborne allergen load by at least 75%. Simply spray the air with AirCleanse twice a week for 3 weeks then once a week after that except in the pollen season when you need to spray once a day.

To control the growth of mould, give one spray per cubic metre twice a day.

Wash away dustmites and allergens with Fabricleanse

One 50ml capful of FabriCleanse™ in your wash kills 99.9% of dustmites and reduces pollen and pet allergens by over 90% - even at low temperatures!

If there is ashma, eczema or dustmite allergy in your household you probably already know how important it is to wash bedding and clothing at 60° or above to kill off dustmites. Now you can achieve the same result when handwashing or machine washing at 30° or 40° by just adding a capful of FabriCleanse Laundry Additive to the wash. FabriCleanse even eliminates the dustmite problem in cold water.

  • destroys dustmite and pet allergen as you wash
  • effective even in a wash as low as 30°C by hand. Ideal for washing by hand or machine
  • suitable for all washable and colourfast fabrics

Regular use of HomeCleanse™ will safely destroy allergens in your furnishing and bedding.

Spray mattresses, bedding and upholstered furniture etc once a month - or once a week if there are animals in the house. For pet allergies, spray your pet's bedding once a week.

  • neutralises dustmite and pet allergen simply and efficiently
  • no harmful chemicals or pesticides
  • non-toxic - safe for homes with children and animals

Buy all three and Save!