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Respro anti-allergy Mask - Blue


A good fit is the most important aspect of a mask as it must seal to filter the dust in the air. The Respro® Allergy™ mask is available in four sizes.

A Guide to Mask Sizing

Study the following size guide to determine which size is right for you. When you receive your mask, carefully open the box. Leave the plastic bag sealed while you offer the mask up to your face to check for fit. It should fit snugly over your chin and over the bridge of your nose. You can exchange it for a different size if you return it sealed in its plastic bag, with the packaging in perfect condition. 

Choose Small Size Mask If you are 5’ tall (152cm) with average build, up to 5’4” tall (163cm) with light build. (Most children will require Small.)

Choose Medium Size Mask If you are 5’ tall (152cm) with heavy build, up to 5’6” tall (168cm) with average build. (Most women will require Medium.)

Choose Large Size Mask If you are 5’6” tall (168cm) with heavy build, up to 6’ tall (183cm) with average build.(Most men and larger women will require Large.)

Choose X-Large Size Mask If you are 6’ tall (183cm) with heavy build or over 6’ tall (over 183cm) with average build.(Most taller or larger men will require XL.)

Respro® Filter packs are sized the same as the Respro® Allergy Masks

It is recommended that you wash the neoprene shell of the mask every month under normal use. To do this it is necessary to remove the filter and the valve first. Although spare valves and filters are available, please be careful not to misplace any of the components during maintenance.

Please note that respiratory masks are personal products that may not be exchanged or returned for resale. Masks are guaranteed if defective in materials or construction.

The Respro Allergy Mask worked for me:

“I travelled to China (Beijing, Shanghai and Xian) with students last month. The last thing I needed was my asthma playing up. I bought the Respro Allergy mask as a just in case and ended up using it a number of times. The impact was immediate. Not too hot to wear (despite humid climate) and was very easy to breathe, it even got rid of smells - very impressive! My one criticism is that the fitting around the nose was a little uncomfortable at times and needing readjusting during the day. But thats a small price to pay for the benefit it provides. I am now planning to use it during the hay fever season - because I know it will help! The Respro team were really efficient in helping me select the correct mask and size and once ordered the mask was delivered very promptly.” (Laura) 5/1/2015 9:15 PM

“I was diagnosed with MCS in 1988. I've worn several different pollutant protecting masks but the Respro Allergy mask is far superior to anything I've worn! For the first time in years I sat confidently among an audience in a theatre, even knowing the lady one seat away was doused with perfume! Also in the past I have reacted to the fibre content of other masks on the skin, ending up having to remove them anyway. Not with this one! THANK YOU! I'm passing the word to all the 'miner's canaries' I know. (Veronica) 7/1/2015 5:44 PM

“I am a severe hay fever sufferer. I have been using the particle filter with the allergy mask for a number of years now. I use the Respro Allergy mask while travelling on my motorcycle and usually feel better when I am at the end of my journey than I was at the beginning. When the pollen levels get really high I wear the mask most of the time. It makes a very positive and easily discernible difference. I unreservedly recommend it to anyone suffering with pollen or pet allergy. I recommend it especially if you use a motorcycle or bicycle. In my opinion this filter should be subsidised by the NHS. Thanks Respro! ” (Rob)

“Thank You! I am able to be near car exhaust without becoming ill. ” Wilma

“I bought the Respro mask for my wife who suffers when she cuts the grass or works in the garden for extended periods. Lots of pollen from local pine trees causes her streaming eyes and sniffles especially when sweeping it off the terrace. Happily a great improvement is shown when wearing the Allergy mask, no sniffles and much less eye issues. Small size means it fits her small face and its clean and comfy for her to wear when working. Gardening in the Spring has become a pleasurable pastime again. Thank you, Respro.” (Charlie)

“I bought this mask to use when cutting grass or strimming as doing so was bringing on asthma attacks. Since starting to use the masks I have had no problems at all with asthma when working outside. The mask is comfortable to wear, and whilst it did get a bit hot and sweaty under it, the rest of me was also a bit a hot and sweaty.” Matt

“I have bought products from this site for my husband. He has asthma and allergies. Therefore, Respro Allergy mask filters air he needs for everyday life and journeys. 3 years, we take this mask and it has eased our lives.” Natalia

I love this mask. I feel safe walking outside and don't have to worry about the Cottonwood trees ruining my day.” Stacy

“Purchased one of these after my asthma, allergies and chemical sensitivities got worse, and it works great! Usually wear this during the summer months when I am outside when pollen levels are high, around the house if we are cleaning or dusting and have no issues. Also used this around the office occasionally if people with strong fragrances or strong smelling lotions are about. Very happy to have found this product!” (Wayne) 5/17/2015 3:40 AM

“Fit is perfect. Unable to get size small in US. Had to order from UK, and it was worth it. Added POWA Elite Valve Pack and this makes the mask perfect for outdoor runs. I have severe seasonal allergies and had to give up being outdoors for two full years. The mask and fit has given me back a huge portion of my life.” Ingrid, 8/15/2014 4:17 PM

Endorsements of the Respro Allergy Mask

Listed in "FIVE OF THE BEST Hayfever Treatments", Daily Mail June 2013

"This is a special type of mask that you can wear, for example, if you're asthmatic.It helps with house dust, helps hayfever sufferers and people allergic to fumes, paint, varnish etc. The beauty of this and the major selling point is it actually filters out particles down to one third of a micron. A micron is a thousandth of a millimetre, so it’s taking out tiny, tiny particles. Even cigarette smoke can’t get through this."
Dr Chris Steele, This Morning TV

"I have brittle asthma and severe allergy problems.- perfumes,deodorants, aftershaves, chemicals, flowers etc. Last year I spent months in and out of hospital and eventually found the Respro on line. I bought several masks and filters and have seen a great improvement. I believe that wearing this mask, whenever I get a whiff of certain smells, has gone a long way to help my improved health. Thank you."
Joy Silver 12/10/2013

Respro Allergy Mask VAT Free

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The Respro Allergy Mask with HEPA filter for particulates and optional chemical filtration. Highly recommended.

If your allergy or medical condition is helped by wearing a mask, take a good look at the new Respro® Allergy™ mask, awarded Allergy-Friendly status by Allergy UK.

The Respro® Allergy mask has a unique polypropylene HEPA-type filter that provides particulate filtration, protecting you from pollutants such as Pet Dander, Mould Spores, Pollen, Plant Spores, Bacteria, Dustmite allergen, Diesel and Lead particles. The filter is replaceable.

For those with chemical sensitivity, for whom even the smallest concentration of a chemical can have a marked effect, there is an optional, replaceable Chemical Filter.This will filter out the chemicals found in everyday items such as cleaning agents, perfumes, soap, paint, varnish, air fresheners, shaving cream, hand lotion and fabric softener. The Chemical Filter also includes the HEPA filter.

You will know when to replace the filter when the inhalation resistance increases. Expect 30-35 hours of wear if active, or up to 45 hours of inactive wear.

All the materials used to create the Respro Allergy Mask are inert and unlikely to cause an allergic reaction The mask itself is made of a lightweight, four-way stretch material that allows for easy breathing and is comfortable to wear. It comes in a stylish blue colour. The Techno™ valves are made from Polypropylene with medical grade silicon rubber diaphragms, so there is no latex to trouble those sensitive to it.

The Respro® mask confirms to standard EN149 in relation to respiratory protective devices. This is a European standard equivalent to N95, the North American version of the standard.

To prolong the life of the filter, store your Respro Allergy Mask in a sealed bag so that air does not filter through it when not in use.