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Polti Lecoaspira Vacuum & Steam Cleaner

Polti Lecoaspira Vacuum & Steam Cleaner

Polti Lecoaspira Vacuum & Steam Cleaner

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A Vacuum Cleaner and Steam Cleaner in one machine!

This terrific machine is a boon to allergy sufferers. The combination of vacuum and steam cleaner thoroughly cleans your home removing allergens from every surface. It can clean so much more than carpets and floors.

 It comes complete with a full arsenal of accessories that allow you to clean sinks, bathroom surfaces, windows, mirrors, upholstery, pillows, kitchen hoods and hobs and more. The Lecoaspira has different settings to ensure the most thorough cleansing and take the best care of your surfaces.

The Lecoaspira can be set to vacuum and steam clean simultaneously. When used on carpets and other flooring such as parquet, tiles and marble, this gives a really deep clean. The steam cleaner loosening the dirt and the vacuum whisking it away immediately, leaving your carpets and floors beautifully clean. Using water filtration it traps dust and pollen and only lets clean, purified air back into your home.

The Lecospira has the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval due to its thoroughness in removing germs and bacteria. In fact it removes up to 99.99% of them as well destroying allergens, helping prevent allergic reactions as well as keeping your home healthy.

When we tested the Lecospira we liked it for its effectiveness, its ease of use, its comprehensive manual that shows you what tools and setting to use for each surface, the lightness of the double duty vacuum and steam hose and its value for money.

How the Lecospira Accessories Keep your Home Clean.

The fifteen accessories that come with every Polti Lecospira include:

  • A universal brush with three different inserts which help you clean tiles, carpets and parquet.

  • A steam and vacuum nozzle which can be used for vacuuming pillows, sofas and furniture, steam cleaning upholstery, cabinet doors and kitchen hoods and hobs, and getting windows and mirrors sparkling clean

  • Three small, nylon brushes, tough enough to brush away stubborn dirt, coloured coded so that each brush can be used on specific areas of your home to prevent cross contamination.

  • A steam concentrator and steam lance which focuses the steam allowing you to get into harder to reach places as well as sinks and bathroom fixtures.

  • A set of 5 Bioecologico vials an anti-foam and deodorant.

  • A handy storage bag to keep all your accessories neat and tidy in one place.