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Classic Microfibre Dustmite Proof Duvet Barrier Covers VAT Free



Single 135x200cm

Double 200x200cm

King 220x235cm

Classic Microfibre Dustmite Proof Duvet Barrier Covers VAT Free

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Our Superb Value Range of Barrier Covers

When price is as important as protection, the Classic range of barrier covers from

The dustmites that trigger night-time asthma attacks and eczema flare-ups love the filling of your duvet. It's warm, it's dark, it's humid. It's dustmite heaven.

Zip one of these lightweight barrier covers round your duvet, then put your usual cover on top to keep dustmites and their allergen sealed out.

  • soft, light, tightly woven microfibre seals out all allergens, including cat and dustmite allergen, from your duvet.
  • lets air and vapour through for breathability and comfortable sleep
  • allergen-proof zips totally enclose the bedding for complete protection
  • tested for allergen hold-out by PMI laboratories, NY
  • tested and CE-approved TUV-certificated, no harmful chemicals
  • wash at 60°C, quick drying, non-iron
  • excellent value
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Available VAT free

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