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Why We've Gone Gooey

Why We've Gone Gooey

What's Ultra Gentle  MooGoo?

Founder Craig Jones noticed his mum using a thick gooey paste, intended to keep moo cow udders healthy, for her own Psoriasis. She found it effective but thick and greasy.

Craig painstakingly reformulated the paste to be lighter and non-greasy - and it still kept his Mum's skin soft and supple. Other family members had sensitive skin and  eczema. They wanted Craig's goo too. So did their friends, and their friends. So Craig launched MooGoo, to help anyone who needed it.

That was just the start - MooGoo is now a range of Ultra Gentle Skin and Hair Care products for humans who need help with all manner of eczematic, sensitive skin and scalp conditions. We love the goo and hope you do too.

Why we Love it

  • It's as natural as possible and as edible as possible
  • Natural ingredients are used over synthetic
  • Formulas are non-irritating
  • It's safe for everybody
  • It's tested on human volunteers
  • Absolutely no synthetic fragrance