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The Respro Allergy Mask with HEPA filter for particulates and optional chemical filtration. Highly recommended.

If your allergy or medical condition is helped by wearing a mask, take a good look at the new Respro® Allergy™ mask, awarded Allergy-Friendly status by Allergy UK.

The Respro® Allergy mask has a unique polypropylene HEPA-type filter that provides particulate filtration, protecting you from pollutants such as Pet Dander, Mould Spores, Pollen, Plant Spores, Bacteria, Dustmite allergen, Diesel and Lead particles. The filter is replaceable.

For those with chemical sensitivity, for whom even the smallest concentration of a chemical can have a marked effect, there is an optional, replaceable Chemical Filter.This will filter out the chemicals found in everyday items such as cleaning agents, perfumes, soap, paint, varnish, air fresheners, shaving cream, hand lotion and fabric softener. The Chemical Filter also includes the HEPA filter.

You will know when to replace the filter when the inhalation resistance increases. Expect 30-35 hours of wear if active, or up to 45 hours of inactive wear.

All the materials used to create the Respro Allergy Mask are inert and unlikely to cause an allergic reaction The mask itself is made of a lightweight, four-way stretch material that allows for easy breathing and is comfortable to wear. It comes in a stylish blue colour. The Techno™ valves are made from Polypropylene with medical grade silicon rubber diaphragms, so there is no latex to trouble those sensitive to it.

The Respro® mask confirms to standard EN149 in relation to respiratory protective devices. This is a European standard equivalent to N95, the North American version of the standard.

To prolong the life of the filter, store your Respro Allergy Mask in a sealed bag so that air does not filter through it when not in use.

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