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Air Supply® Minimate Ionic Personal Air Purifier

The Air Supply Ionic Personal Air Purifier - Exclusive to Allergy Best Buys

Air Supply® Minimate Ionic Personal Air Purifier

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Personal protective Ionic Air Purifier combats chemicals, fumes, odours, particles and viruses including SARS & H1N1 (swine flu)

  • tiny, lightweight, silent
  • no fan, no motor, no filter
  • maintenance free
  • ozone output less than 0.028 ppm
  • includes breakaway neckstrap for safety and one C123 disposable (safe, non-rechargeable) lithium ion battery (lasts 30 hrs)

AirSupply® is a tiny, lightweight air purifier worn either round the neck or clipped to a shirt pocket. It uses corona discharge technology to create an electrostatic shield that repels, incinerates or oxidises airborne particulates before they can enter the mouth, nose and eyes. The corona discharge also sends a fresh ionic breeze of purified air into the breathing zone of the wearer.

AirSupply® has been tested and proven by world authorities in health-related aerosol studies* to substantially reduce the risk of inhaling airborne bacteria, viruses and toxic particles ranging from 3.0 to 0.04 microns in size.

This size range encompasses most known allergens and irritants such as dust, animal dander, mould spores, pollen and smoke, odours and chemical contaminants and infectious viruses and bacteria such as Influenza, the common cold, H1N1 (Swine Flu) and SARS.

How different airborne contaminants are destroyed by AirSupply®:

Dust and Dustmites: carbonised and vaporised by incineration

Mould spores and pollen: carbonised and vaporised by incineration

Animal dander: carbonised and vaporised by incineration

Virus and Bacterial Germs: incinerated by the corona discharge

Odours: oxidised into deodorised compounds

Chemical Contaminants: oxidised into benign chemicals

Smoke:solids are carbonised and gasses oxidised

AirSupply® is ideal for pet allergy, asthma, hay fever and COPD and is highly recommended for sensitivity to perfumes, cleaning chemicals and VOC's, Sick Building Syndrome and to avoid problems that may result from breathing the recirculated air in aircraft.

*Scientifically tested by leading aerosol scientists at the University of Cincinnati's Department of Environmental Health and peer-reviewed results published in leading scientific journals