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Cottonfresh® Dust Mite Proof Cushion Covers

Cottonfresh®  Dust Mite Proof Cushion Covers

Cottonfresh® Dust Mite Proof Cushion Covers

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Our customers' favourite Anti-allergy Dust Mite Proof Cushion covers.

Every time time you sink into your sofa or plump up the cushions on your bed a cloud of allergens is released into the air.

So if you're sensitised to dust mites or pets it's important to protect against this airborne hazard with our 100% pure, unbleached cotton barrier covers, specially made by anti-allergy bedding specialists The Sounder Sleep Company.

They offer the traditional comfort of all-natural Cottonfresh® fabric and the security of protection from dust mite, pet and pollen allergens.

Simply zip these covers round your cushions then use your regular cushion cover over the top. The covers completely encase the cushions to ensure complete protection from house dust mite and other allergens. Even the zips are dust mite proof.

Highly recommended for asthma, eczema, dustmite allergies and multiple chemical sensitivity.

  • tightly woven 100% pure cotton, undyed, unbleached, chemical free
  • naturally cool, quiet & comfortable
  • dust mite and allergen proof without plastic backing
  • tested for particle hold-out, BTTG Laboratories, Manchester UK
  • tested for dust mite hold-out, the Medical Entomology Department at the University of Cambridge, UK
  • tested for dust mite and cat allergen hold-out, PMI laboratories, New York
  • Oeko-Tex® certified free of harmful substances
  • total enclosure - fine dust mite-proof zip fastener
  • wash at 60°C to keep hypoallergenic or at 90°C to sterilise
  • available VAT free for asthma, eczema, allergies

Sizes 36 x 36cm, 45 x 45cm, 50 x 50cm

(Formerly Naturelle Cottonfresh)