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Dermatherapy Therapeutic Dustmite-proof Sheets


Wash at up to 60°C. Quick-drying, non-iron. ‘Soil release’ finish helps remove oils, creams, blood and other stains.

Item Size
Pillow case 50x75cm
Cot Flat sheet 65x130
Single Flat Sheet 180x275
Double Flat sheet 230x275
King Flat sheet 275x275cm
Cot Fitted sheet 140x70x10
Single Fitted sheet 90x190x20
Double Fitted sheet 137x190x20
King Fitted sheet 152x198x20
Superking Fitted sheet 183x198x20cm

The antimicrobial within Dermatherapy fabric is capable of killing excess bacteria without migrating from the fabric and does not wash or wear out over time – ensuring longevity of the fabric. As safety is also important it is permanently bonded to the fabric and does not release any agents onto the skin or into the environment when washed.

The colourless and odourless antimicrobial, AEM 5772/5 is a physical killer of bacteria, rather than a chemical poison such as triclosan and silver. It has been used in hospitals for over 30 years where it has proven ability to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth on fabrics such as operating theatre gowns. It acts by puncturing and electrocuting bacteria and fungi, causing their instant elimination. There are no chemicals released to poison the cells and no chemicals or nano-particles are released onto the skin.

AEM 5772/5 has been subjected to rigorous toxicity tests to ensure its safety on both intact and damaged skin. Passing these tests was vital for the fabric to achieve Class I Medical Device registration.

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Cool, Smooth, Soft and Comfortable

DermaTherapy® is cleaner, drier, smoother bedding offering relief for those who suffer from psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. It is the first bedlinen to be given US FDA approval as a Class 1 Medical Device for the treatment of atopic dermatitis.

These sheets are made from modern, Oeko-Tex® certified fibres that wick moisture away from the skin for a cool, safe night’s sleep. A durable antimicrobial treatment, permanently bonded into the fabric, has been clinically proven to reduce E.Coli ( by 99.9%), Staph.aureus (94%) and Staph.Epidermidis (99.9%), after 24 hours. These are the bacteria that lead to infection in eczema.

Dermatherapy sheets are lighter, thinner, more supple and smoother than cotton and our tester described them as “very calming.”

Highly recommended for sensitive skin and eczema, night sweats and hot flushes, pressure sores.

  • Class 1 Medical Device
  • Microbe Shield™ reduces infection risk
  • no lint, no airborne dust
  • longer lasting than cotton