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DermaSilk Tubulars VAT Free


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DermaSilk Tubulars VAT Free

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Protects Sensitive Elbows and Knees

DermaSilk® Therapeutic Tubulars are knitted from undyed medical grade pure silk bonded with an antimicrobial shield that has been used in hospitals for over 20 years. The result is a gentle stretchy tube that fits comfortably over arms or legs to protect inner elbows and backs of knees and promote the healing of flexure eczema.The Microbe Shield™ inhibits bacterial and fungal growth without releasing chemicals onto the skin and remains effective after repeated washes.

DermaSilk is supported by published clinical trials and recommended by Dermatologists, Allergy Specialists & Nursing Professionals

  • Class 1 Medical Device
  • proven effective as corticosteroids in published clinical trials
  • lightweight, cool and comfortable
  • reduces itching and scratching
  • calms and soothes
  • can be used with other treatments
  • recommended by dermatologists
  • 98% pure silk, 2% Lycra with Microbe Shield™
  • hand wash, dry flat
  • 1 x pair per pack

2 lengths:

33cm for children or small adult limbs.

50cm length will cover most adult limbs appropriately