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No-butter Brandy Butter

no butter brandy butter
Simple to make and delicious with your Christmas Pudding or spooned generously onto Mince Pies. Our No-Butter Brandy Butter is also free from: dairy, gluten, wheat, nuts, soy and eggs. Vegan.

• 100g/3½oz dairy-free spread (we like Naturli Vegan Block, about £2 for 200g, from Sainsbury's and whole food shops. It keeps its texture well enough to beat in the brandy and sugar.)

• 75g/2½oz light brown soft sugar 

• 4 tbsp brandy, or to taste 


Beat the margarine well until really pale. An electric mixer is good for this

Add the sugar little by little, beating all the time until light and fluffy.

Add the brandy a little at a time, beating well.

Put into a pretty glass serving bowl, cover and chill until required.