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Gravitational eczema

Gravitational eczema (also known as Venous, Varicose, or Stasis eczema) is a type of eczema on the lower legs. It is common in later life, particularly in women.

You can be at risk of developing Gravitational eczema if you have poor circulation or varicose veins, have had a blood clot in your legs or are overweight.

The skin on the lower legs becomes very thin and fragile and may show dark red or brown patches. When gravitational eczema is severe, the skin can have weeping, crusted areas which can get bigger and become a varicose leg ulcer.


Patients with gravitational eczema are often recommended to wear compression stockings to help with the underlying venous condition, often worn in conjunction with zinc paste bandages. 

Dermasilk Knee-high Undersocks can be helpful here too.

gravitational eczema


Soaking the lower legs in a bucket of lukewarm water into which you have sieved a tablespoon of Sea-Med Seaweed Skin Therapy can be extremely beneficial.


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