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Eczema craquelé

Eczema craquelé

Eczema craquelé is also known as Xerotic eczema (xerosis), 'Winter itch', or Asteotic eczema. It occurs most often during the dry, cold winter months and largely affects people over 60.

Symptoms include dry, itchy, flaky, red skin, with painful cracking on the shins like crazy paving. Other areas that can be affected are upper arms, thighs and lower back but it is usually linked to the legs. It can cause a great deal of discomfort including soreness and itching.

Eczema craquelé can be linked to a decrease in the oils on the skin surface, low humidity, hot baths, scrubbing the skin and overly vigorous towel drying. It can also be symptomatic of thyroid malfunction.

People with this type of eczema should avoid sitting close to a fire or radiator and it is best to pat the skin dry rather than rub after bathing or showering using a non-soap cleanser.

An inexpensive humidifier hung over the radiator can be very helpful, adding moisture to dry indoor air. Use plenty of emollients.

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion is recommended as an exceptional daily moisturiser for this condition. It is an effective natural skin care treatment for hands, face and body. Recommended as an exceptional daily moisturizer for healthy skin and for the treatment of eczema, eczema craquelé resulting from thyroid malfunctions, psoriasis, irritant contact dermatitis and all dry, itchy skin conditions.

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