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Surgical Face Masks 10-pack

Surgical Face Masks 10-pack

Surgical Face Masks 10-pack

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This surgical face mask is made from 3-ply, non-woven polypropylene with soft elastic ear loops. Tested by Nelson Laboratories, it conforms to EN 14683 2014, type II.


This mask is designed to be worn by medical practitioners to protect against transmission of pathogens originating from the mouth and nose. The manufacturer recommends it can be worn for up to 8 hours in total prior to disposal. If using repeatedly (up to a maximum wear time of 8 hours in total) leave to dry thoroughly in between periods of wear.

  • 3 ply for protection
  • Approved for medical use
  • Approved for use in food preparation
  • 100% latex-free
  • 99% particle filtration

More about our masks

We have been able to secure a limited stock of these type II surgical masks from a known and trusted supplier at this difficult time. We understand that many of our customers suffer with compromised immunity and take seriously our responsibility to supply genuine protective equipment. At times of great demand and scarcity, prices of goods and transportation become inflated. We would like to assure customers of our best intentions. We are in no way profiteering and have added a modest margin to the cost price at which we have been able to purchase.

These items are manufactured and transported in hygienic conditions. They arrive in one bulk delivery into our UK warehouse and we pack them in 10s in hygienic conditions, storing them in zip-lock bags ready for dispatch to you. We purchase from a wholesaler who supplies direct to the NHS and the private care sector. Our supply is sporadic. Occasionally they have surplus stock over and above priority orders from these critical sectors which we are able to offer to our customers.