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Sneezer Beam Hayfever & Allergy Relief

Sneezer Beam Hayfever & Allergy Relief

"My nose lit up like Rudolph and suddenly the hay fever was gone!" Anne McElvoy, London Evening Standard

Sneezer Beam Hayfever & Allergy Relief

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Clinically proven to reduce allergy symptoms with drug-free phototherapy

Quick, safe, painless and drug-free, the pocket-sized Sneezer Beam offers an effective natural treatment for perennial rhinitis and hay fever, animal and dustmite allergy.

Sneezer Beam uses a clinically proven method of phototherapy (light therapy), a low energy narrow band dual wavelength light beam. This natural, non-invasive therapy inhibits the cells that release histamine, significantly reducing allergic reactions and inflammation of the sensitive mucous membranes.

It takes just 3 minutes, 3 times a day for the Sneezer Beam to desensitise the nasal membrane. If symptoms are severe, you can increase the number of treatments and reduce them as symptoms subside. Most users notice a clear improvement after 2 weeks at the latest. The treatment is drug free and there are no side effects. It is suitable for use by children.

The Sneezer Beam is also suitable for prevention. Many customers who bought a Sneezer Beam for hayfever tell us they enjoyed their first comfortable Summer for years, so if if you start the treatment in Spring you can desensitise yourself and have a symptom free season.

  • Class 1 Medical Device
  • natural light therapy for allergies from inhaled pollen, dust or animal dander
  • also effective for allergy prevention
  • quick, safe, painless, convenient
  • drug free - no side effects, non-drowsy
  • reduces release of histamine from nasal mucous membranes
  • effective for watering or swollen eyes, coughing, itching and headaches
  • clinically tested
  • CE approved for the treatment of allergy symptoms
  • 1 yr warranty

Includes replaceable 9 volt battery (sufficient for 100 treatments) and full instructions Size: 7.8 x 6.5 x 3.1cm Wt: 0.086 kg