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Respilon R-Shield Scarf Mask

Respilon R-Shield Scarf Mask

Respilon R-Shield Scarf Mask

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The new Respilon R‑Shield Scarf Mask offers effective anti-viral protection. Its nanofibre membrane captures 99.9% of all hazardous airborne particles, microorganisms and viruses as tiny as 0.01 micron. Coronavirus particles have been measured at 0.04 micron and above.

If fitted securely, the R-Shield provides 99.9% protection against inhaling Covid-19 and other viruses.

  • captures 99.9% of all airborne particles and microorganisms as tiny as 0.01micron
  • tested and approved by EMPA Laboratories (Switzerland), VUT (Czech Republic), Nelson Laboratories (USA), for bacterial, virus and particle holdout
  • filter is CFR certified to 99.9% efficiency and meets EN 14683:2005
  • for outdoor and urban respiratory protection
  • ideal to wear during a flu epidemic or pandemics such as SARS or Covid-19 and in the pollen season for relief from hayfever symptoms
  • easy-to-wear tubular design and concealed adjustable nose clip
  • breathable, cool and comfortable
  • wicks away moisture very effectively even during vigorous activity.

We believe the Respilon R-Shield Scarf Mask is an important aid to respiratory health. It offers a superb new option for runners and walkers, city joggers and cyclists, anyone who travels on public transport, lives near a main road or who finds themselves at risk from viruses, pollution, diesel fumes, pollen and allergens.

Adjustable for a perfect fit and full functionality :

  • Pull the scarf mask gently over your head and ensure that the filter is in line with your mouth
  • Pull it up over your nose and adjust the concealed nose clip on the bridge of your nose to prevent air leakage. 
  • Use the adjuster cord to create a secure fit
  • Ensure that all inhaled air goes through the nanofibre membrane
  • To remove, loosen nose clip and adjuster cord before gently lifting over the head. Removing in this way will prolong the life of your R-Shield.

The mask can be gently hand washed up at 30 degrees in non-biological laundry powder or liquid. Gently squeeze and drip dry. Do not spin, do not tumble dry, do not wring, do not bleach. This could damage the fabric, nose clip and functionality.

Composition: Polyester, Elastane, Polypropylene. 

Not recommended for children under 5 years. Children from 5 years should use only with close parental supervision. 

Tester's Comment: The Respilon R-Shield is light and comfortable to wear. It's much more comfy than any other face mask I've tried and it doesn't steam up my glasses. It also feels very secure on my face once I've adjusted it to fit. I love it!