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Anti-allergy Pillow with Copper

Anti-allergy Pillow with Copper

Anti-allergy Pillow with Copper

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Fend off dust mites with this luxuriously soft anti-allergy pillow, which has pure, natural copper woven into its cover.

The key to the anti-allergy effect of this pillow lies in its natural, copper-infused fabric covering, which is beneficial to human health yet toxic to dust mites.

Studies have shown that the copper-infused fabric used to encase this superbly designed pillow actively repels dust mites. The copper within the fabric is acaricidal and is therefore toxic to dust mites. The effect is to reduce the number of dust mites within the vicinity of your pillow, with a subsequent reduction in dust mite allergen.

Copper is an essential element of life. It is a powerful anti-bacterial and deodorising agent. Copper infused pillows are also soft and comfortable for the face and are often sold as a rejuvenating beauty aid due to the skin-nourishing properties of copper. They proved very popular with our testers.

The copper oxide compound used in the manufacture of this pillow is the purest and the most natural form of copper. It is non-soluble in water and does not contaminate the environment.

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Product Information

Pillow Size: 48cm x 74cm (19" x 29" approx)

Casing: 40% copper modified fibre, 60% viscose fibre

Filling: 100% microfibre

300 thread count

Sateen piped edge

Medium/Soft support

Machine washable at 30 degrees

Do not bleach or tumble dry