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N95 Standard Mask (2 Per Pack)

N95 Standard Mask (2 Per Pack)

N95 Standard Mask (2 Per Pack)

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Each pack contains two genuine N95 / FFP2 standard masks from a reputable manufacturer. If fitted correctly they provide 95% protection from inhaled airborne particles (including Covid-19) and provide excellent protection against virus transmission in droplets from coughs and sneezes.

Please follow instructions for mask fitting before wear to ensure that maximum protection is achieved.

  1. Unfold the mask ensuring the nose clip is at the top
  2. Push the mask onto the chin
  3. Put on the ear straps and adjust for comfort
  4. Place the fingers of both hands at the centre of the metal nose clip and press inwards, moving the fingers in a downward motion in order to create the best possible fit and seal around the bridge of the nose. Avoid pinching the nose clip with one hand as this may create gaps in the seal and reduce effectiveness
  5. The manufacturer recommends that these masks be used for a maximum of 8 hours total wear time.

If fitted correctly, this type of N95 mask provides superior protection to surgical masks.

A note to our customers:

We have been able to secure a limited stock of these genuine PPE quality N95 masks from a known and trusted supplier at this difficult time. We understand that many of our customers suffer with compromised immunity and take seriously our responsibility to supply genuine protective equipment. At times of great demand and scarcity, prices of goods and transportation become inflated. We would like to assure customers of our best intentions. We are in no way profiteering and have added a modest margin to the cost price at which we have been able to purchase.

We purchase from a source which supplies direct to the NHS and the private care sector. Our supply is sporadic. Occasionally they have surplus stock over and above priority orders from these critical sectors which we are able to offer to our customers.

Discounts available for quantities of 50 packs or more. Email for details: