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Latex Allergy Test

Latex Allergy Test

Latex Allergy Test

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IgE allergy test for reaction to latex

People with an undiagnosed latex allergy often suffer from symptoms such as itchy and red skin, swollen lips and cold symptoms. This is because latex is hidden in numerous everyday objects and even some foods.

With the cerascreen® Latex Allergy Test, you can determine the number of specific IgE antibodies for latex in your blood. This tells you whether you are sensitised to latex and therefore likely to be allergic to it.
  • Take your sample at home, with just one finger prick
  • Follow the instructions to set up your test ID online
  • Post your sample to the lab in the postage-paid envelope provided
  • Receive a professional analysis from a medical laboratory
  • Get a comprehensive results report
  • Receive concrete recommendations on steps to take
  • Receive your results within a few days of the sample’s arrival in the laboratory

Latex is also known as natural rubber and is processed into the rubber we find in around 40,000 different everyday items. You will find it in products as diverse as trainers, condoms, diving goggles and chewing gum. So, if you are allergic to latex, you will encounter many possible allergens in your everyday life.

A latex allergy can be responsible for red and itchy skin, swollen lips, sniffles and shortness of breath. Such symptoms also occur with other allergies. That’s why it can be useful to do allergy tests to find out the source of your symptoms. If you know what is causing your symptoms, you can then avoid the culprits in everyday life.

NB. Taking antihistamine is likely to interfere with the accuracy of your test result.

Do not take thiis test if you are under 18, pregnant or breast feeding, or if you have:

  • Haemophilia
  • HIV
  • Hepatitis
The test is not intended for diagnosing illness or disease. If you suffer from depression or are in pain or have other symptoms of illness, consult your doctor.