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TL90 Maxi Brightlight SAD Lightbox


• Width: 34cm (12.2") • Height: 58cm (22.8") • Bulb: 2 x 36W tubes • Light Intensity: 10,000 lux • Colour Temperature: 6,500K • Weight: 3kgs

Beurer TL90 Maxi Brightlight SAD Lightbox VAT Free

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The largest SAD lightbox in our range.

For many people, the shorter days of Autumn and Winter mean long dark months of feeling down in the dumps. Low mood, loss of appetite, lack of energy and a general feeling of depression can be triggered by a lack of natural daylight. Special lightboxes that simulate daylight are medically prescribed to counteract these "winter blues" or Seasonal Affective Disorder.

At 58cm (22.8") high, the TL90 is our tallest SAD lightbox. It is designed for use at home or in the office to help alleviate your winter blues.

  • medical product
  • 2 x 36w tubes
  • 10,000 lux light intensity helps to provide optimum treatment times
  • treatment time of 60mins at a distance of 30cm (12")
  • even, flicker-free, UV-free illumination
  • illumination surface 34 x 51cm
  • stylish, attractive design
  • fold out stand with adjustable inclination
  • one-button operation
  • energy-saving light source
  • available VAT free