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FabriCleanse™ anti-dustmite Laundry Additive

FabriCleanse™ anti-dustmite Laundry Additive

"A superb, natural item. Pleasant light scent. All natural. Should be compulsory! Easy to use. All owners of accommodation as well as home owners should use it". Mrs H D Wilson

FabriCleanse™ anti-dustmite Laundry Additive

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30ml of FabriCleanse™ in your wash kills 99.9% of dustmites and reduces pollen and pet allergens by over 90%. Save £2 when you buy two.

  • destroys dustmite and pet allergen as you wash
  • effective in hot, warm or cold water
  • ideal for washing by hand or machine
  • suitable for all washable and colourfast fabrics
  • independently tested by RSS Laboratories
  • approved by Allergy UK
  • 100% natural

If there is ashma, eczema or dustmite allergy in your household you probably already know how important it is to wash bedding and clothing at 60° or above to kill off dustmites and destroy the DNA of their allergen.

Now you can achieve the same result when washing by hand or in your machine at 40°C or even as low as 30°C with FabriCleanse Laundry Additive. FabriCleanse will even eliminate the dustmite problem in cold water. This super all-temperature anti-dustmite laundry additive makes allergen avoidance simple and helps keep energy costs down too.

Ordinary detergent won't solve the mite problem in your laundry, but FabriCleanse's natural active ingredients eliminate the allergen with each wash. Just 25-30ml of FabriCleanse in your wash kills 99.9% of dustmites and reduces pollen and pet allergens by over 90%.

Contains essential oil of eucalyptus and benzyl benzoate in one of the most effective mite-allergen reducing formulas available anywhere.

300ml bottle

Customer Review October 2023: Amazing product, absolutely love the scent.

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*Tester's Tip: * When you're shampooing rugs and carpets, simply add 1ml of FabriCleanse per litre of soapy water to get rid of dustmites, pet dander and pollen. One treatment keeps carpets free of allergens for 3 months.

Ingredients: Euclyptus globulus leaf oil (CAS No. 8000-48-4), Benzyl Benzoate (CAS No 121-51-4), C12-13, Pareth 3