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Ear-Saver Mask Extension Straps

Ear-Saver Mask Extension Straps

Ear-Saver Mask Extension Straps

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Keep your mask on securely and comfortably.

2-pack of Ear-Saver Mask Extension Straps.

Right now masks are a fact of life. These ingenious mask extension straps help you wear your mask more securely and in greater comfort.

These Ear-Saver Mask extension straps are designed to be worn with any mask which has elasticated ear straps. This includes surgical masks and N95 masks.

Made in Ireland from latex-free PETG transparent, flexible plastic, they are adjustable for head size. Simple hook the ear loops onto the most comfortable strap hook behind your head.

Ear Savers are a must if you wear a hearing aid as they prevent your mask straps tangling with your hearing aid.

Ear Savers work with these masks: -