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Dermatherapy Therapeutic Duvet Cover

Dermatherapy Therapeutic  Duvet Cover

Dermatherapy Therapeutic Duvet Cover

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Cool, Smooth, Soft and Comfortable

This dust mite proof duvet cover is made from modern, OEKO-tex certified fibres that wick moisture away from the skin for a cool, safe night’s sleep. A durable antimicrobial treatment, permanently bonded into the fabric, has been clinically proven to reduce E.Coli ( by 99.9%), Staph.aureus (94%) and Staph.Epidermidis (99.9%), after 24 hours. These are the bacteria that lead to infection in eczema.

The Dermatherapy duvet cover is lighter, thinner, more supple and smoother than cotton and our tester described them as “very calming.”

Highly recommended for asthma and dust mite allergy, sensitive skin and eczema, night sweats and hot flushes, pressure sores.

This product is available in Double, King and SuperKing.

  • Class 1 Medical Device
  • Microbe Shield™ reduces infection risk
  • dustmite proof
  • no lint, no airborne dust
  • longer lasting than cotton