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DermaSilk Intimo® Ladies' Therapeutic Mini Shorts


DermaSilk® is a Class 1 Medical Device meaning that it is approved as Therapeutic Clothing in the UK and Europe to help adults and children living with atopic eczema and other delicate skin conditions.

DermaSilk® is a medical grade silk fabric utilising a revolutionary combination of sericin-free fibroin silk with 4% elstane to provide elasticity. The elastane is carefully concealed within the silk yarn so that only the silk comes into contact with the skin, improving comfort and optimising elasticity.

Care Instructions

If you treat DermaSilk Intimo® garments with care they will last as long as regular underwear. The antimicrobial cannot be washed off or worn out and remains effective throughout the life of the garment.

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  • comforting and healing
  • seamless sides, stretch fit
  • no elastic next to the skin
  • Class 1 Medical Device
  • available VAT free

DermaSilk Intimo® Mini Shorts are made from a revolutionary fabric - a knitted DermaSilk which has a permanent active antimicrobial action.

It has been demonstrated in clinical studies to calm irritation and prevent bacterial and fungal infections, helping to maintain healthy levels of pH and humidity in your most delicate area.

When worn in conjunction with conventional medication DermaSilk Intimo® underwear is proven to significantly reduce the symptoms of health conditions such as lichen sclerosus and recurrent candidosis (Thrush) and to reduce the frequency of candida recurrences. DermaSilk Intimo® underwear may also be of benefit in the management of vulvodynia, bacterial vaginosis, the menopause and other womens health issues.

  • rapidly reduces inflammatory itch, burning and localised irritation
  • helps control and prevent bacterial and fungal overgrowth without altering the natural levels of bacteria normally present on healthy skin
  • helps maintain the natural freshness and humidity of the genital area thanks to its ability to absorb excess humidity, reducing heat and humidity and preventing the development of vulvo-vaginal and other genital infections
  • helps maintain the skin and tissue pH at optimal levels
  • helps to promote the repair and regeneration of the skin and mucosa thanks to the protein nature of the fibroin in the silk

The Mini Shorts are a popular,modern comfortable style, seamless apart from the crotch, ,wher the gusset insert panel moves loosely under seams away from sensitive areas. There is no additional elastication round waist or legs.

Available in 3 sizes:

XS/S approximate UK Dress size 6-10

M/L approximate UK Dress size 12-16

XL/XXL approximate UK Dress Size 18-22